Bathroom Cleaning Tips – General Maintenance

Keeping the bathrooms in your home clean is easy through regular maintenance and scheduled cleanings from Welcome Home’s professional cleaning technicians. While we are happy to keep your bathrooms in pristine condition, there are a few tips you can follow to keep things in order until our next visit.

1) Use your bathroom fan- If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to use it instead of cracking a window while you are taking a shower. Most people leave the window open to allow steam from the shower to escape, but while the steam is going out, dust, pollen and other pathogens come in. The steam causes the surfaces in your bathroom to become wet making them perfect grim magnets. Using your exhaust fan will lower the humidity in the bathroom; reduce the chances of mold and just about stop dust in its tracks.

2) Make use of after shower products- Mildew has a tendency to build up over time, once it starts showing it can cause foul odors, stain grout and become hard to remove. There are a variety of affordable after shower mold prevention products that can help prevent buildup. Leave a bottle in the restroom and use it after every tub or shower use.

3) Seal your grout- Another way to prevent disgusting mold from forming on your grout is to seal it with a moisture repelling sealant. Not only will your grout stay bright, but your bathroom will have far less germs on the surfaces. You can purchase easy to apply sealant from most home stores at a very affordable price.

4) Drop and go toilet treatments- Not everyone has time to scrub their toilet everyday so making use of a simple tank or ring tablet will help reduce the amount of odorous buildup as well as keep your toilet free of bacteria until your next visit from Heaven’s Best.

5) Organize your stuff- The easiest way to present a neat and tidy bathroom is to keep your essentials organized. Throw away empty bottles of soap and shampoo and try to keep the bars of soap in their holders. Purchase toothbrush holders that fit easily on the sink or counter to keep brushes from gathering bacteria from lying on the counter. If you have space, consider putting a laundry basket in the restroom for soiled linens and always make sure to hang wet towels in the rack to avoid odors from building up.

These are only a few simple ideas to help you keep your bathroom clean until the next time we stop by. All it takes is a few minutes each day to keep your bathroom looking fresh and tidy for both, your family and your guest.

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