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Keeping the toilets in your home clean is may seem like a tough job, but with regular cleaning from Welcome Home’s cleaning professionals, you can reduce the amount of work needed to maintain a fresh toilet. After all, no one likes to clean the toilet, but if it isn’t done on a regular basis, not only will foul odors build, but you will also create a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. While we are happy to keep your toilets in spotless form, there are a few tips you can follow to keep your toilet clean until our next visit.

Toilet Cleaning Tips

If you have bad rings in your toilet, chances are they are from hard water and not grime. These tend to build up due to high mineral deposits in the water and can be effectively cleaned with white vinegar, or a commercial remover made for mineral deposits. Simple put the solution in the affected areas and allow sitting there for a short time, then with a regular toilet brush, commence scrubbing the area and flushing the minerals down the toilet.

Along with the toilet bowl, you have to pay attention to the top. Move any containers from the top of the tank and proceed to wipe down the area. Use a commercial bathroom cleaner that is labeled as anti bacterial to help kill those nasty bathroom germs. Pay special attention to the handle and any other areas that are commonly touched with bare hands.

While most people can pee inside the bowl, households with small children will have to pay special attention to the area at the foot of the toilet. Liquid splatter can build up and cause foul odors and encourage bacteria growth. Pine Sol or Lysol are great bathroom products that kill both odors and bacteria, using a small amount, wash the bottom of the basin and the floor around your toilet for the most effective results.

These are a few tips to help you fight bacteria build up and keep your bathroom toilet clean. We are happy to manage your bathroom cleanings during each of our visits, if you have special request, feel free to get in touch with Welcome Home’s cleaning service today!

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