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There is so much dust and grim outside, some is easy to see and some is not, when we come home, most of us hop in the shower to wash all of that dirt away. While a great deal of it washes down the drain along with the water, there is an equal amount left behind on the tiles and surface of the tub. Over time, this dirt can build up and cause mold and scum to form. Not only is it unhygienic, but it can even cause foul odors. With a few simply steps, you can keep your tub clean until the next visit from Welcome Home’s cleaning specialist.

To start,

take everything out of your bathtub

Items such as:

•  Shampoo bottles

•  Bath toys

•  Loofas

•  Razors

•  Washcloths

•  Soap holders and soap dispensers

Not only do you want to avoid getting cleaning solvents on these items, but they also could use a good wipe down too.

1) Next, look at the grout in and around your tub, if there is mold, use a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar and rub it deep into the crevices. This is an eco friendly way to loosen the mold and dirt without harming the air quality or your tile. Do not rinse.

2) Take a good all purpose cleaner such as soft scrub or your own home made solution of warm water, lemon juice and baking soda; spray the cleaner over the entire surface f your bathtub as well as the tile walls inside of the bathtub area. If the cleaner you choose is paste, simply use a good sponge and cover all of the surfaces liberally. Let the cleanser soak into the surface and break up the grime for about five to eight minutes.

3) Use a sturdy all purpose brush to scrub all of the corners where your bathtub and the wall touch. This is a perfect place for soap scum to collect and turn into mold, so it’s important to pay regular attention to these areas.

4) Using the same brush, scrub the “ring” of soap scum around the lower parts of your bathtub. This collects when you take a bath and the water doesn’t dissolve the grime. It also accumulates when you take showers in your tub and small amounts of water pool in the bottom.

5) With warm water, rinse down the entire surface where solution was applied. After a good rinse, take a cotton towel or rag and dry the entire area. This prevents mold from forming and allows the cleaned surfaces to dry adequately.

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