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Children are a great joy in life; they are also a lot of work. If you have children at home, then you know the majority of the mess in the house originates from their care. Every parent instills good manners and tries to teach their children how to be neat and organized, but, if they didn’t make a mess, they wouldn’t be kids. Welcome Home cleaning specialist are happy to keep every room in your house spic and span, but in between visits there are a few things you can do to keep your children’s bedroom in order.

You can keep your

kid’s bedroom

neat and organized with a few simple tools, all you need to her started is:

•  Colorful Toy Boxes

•  Closet Rods

•  Various Hooks

•  Colorful Clothing Hampers

•  Fun Bed Clothes

Avoid using one big box for toys. Kids collect a lot of playthings and when they want to play with a certain one; they will simply dump the whole pile on the floor to find it. When there are too many toys to clean up, you children will be less inclined to do it without threats or punishment. Placing several smaller boxes for toys allows them to sort their playthings into more manageable portions. If they dump out a small box, there are fewer toys to clean up. Chances are they will be happy to put those back without too much prodding.

Putting dirty clothes in the right place is hard even for some adults. An easy way to teach your children to keep their soiled clothes off the floor is by placing a fun colored hamper in their room. It will save you time sorting through clean and dirty clothes, and will also help keep the room clean until the next time our cleaning professionals visit.

Welcome Home makes beds and changes the sheets at your request each time we come to your home. To help keep your kids bed in order, cut back on the clutter. Kids can’t manage too many pieces of linens. Also, there is no need for heaps of pillows. A simple fitted sheet and quilt are all that’s needed. That way, it takes only five minutes to fix the bed in the morning or after a nap.

Every bedroom has a closet; we have great tips for closet organization for adult bedrooms here. Children’s closets are often the hardest to keep clean since little people can’t reach those high placed rods. Install a closet rod at the mid level so that your kids can easily pick and hang up clothing. This will help the bedroom stay neat and orderly until out next visit.

Hooks are great to place in all parts of the room and in the closet. They are perfect for hanging umbrellas, coats, backpacks and much more. Make sure you place some at both adult level and child level so everyone can contribute to keeping the room clean.

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