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The bedroom is one of the most lived in rooms of a persons home, accordingly, it requires a lot of attention to keep it clean, neat and organized. We at Welcome Home pride ourselves in providing thorough house keeping services and the attention to detail we give to bedrooms is among the best in the industry. Despite regular service, there are times you may need to care for your bedroom in between our visits. Here are a few suggestions to help keep your closet in order until your next scheduled cleaning.

•  Conquer the Clutter – Take everything out of your closet, which means clothes, shoes, boxes and anything else you have lurking in there. Any clothes that haven’t been worn in the last 12 months should be donated to charity or placed in deep storage, the same goes for shoes. Before putting anything in storage however, try it on to see if is still fits. Any clothing or shoes that no longer fit need to be on the way out the door.

•  Hanger Heaven – You may think that hangers don’t take up space, but they do. In fact, mismatched hangers take up more space in your closet that clothing. Toss out any metal hanger, like the ones from dry cleaning services, and replace then with ones from a matched set.

•  Store By Outfit – If you have a huge walk in closet, then placing every item on a hanger by itself is feasible, but most people don’t have that type of space. Instead, put whole outfits on one hanger, the top, skirt or pants and matching over piece such as blazer or sweater. This allows you to minimize the bulk in your closet and saves you time in the morning getting dressed.

•  Seasonal Sensations – There is four basic seasons in the year, but you should only keep two season worth of clothing in your closet. There is no need to have winter clothes taking up space in the middle of summer or vice versa. Place unseasonal clothes in deep storage after you sort them.

•  Store it Smart – Traditional closet arrangements no longer suite the needs of the heavy wardrobes of this generation. Luckily, there are a lot of storage options out there to help you stay organized. Most big box stores offer shelving systems and bins that you can install in a few minutes. If you have a little bit more of a budget at your disposable, you can hire a carpenter to come out and custom fit your closet with storage shelves.

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