Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Cleaning Dishwasher

Not many people think about cleaning their dishwasher since it tends to de a pretty good job cleaning itself during the wash cycle. However, in order to keep your dishwasher running optimally and avoid buildup or foul odors, there are a few steps you can take to keep it clean until the next scheduled cleaning from Welcome Home’s professional cleaning technicians.

Dishwasher Cleaning Tips

•  Citric acid is one of the best ways to clean your dishwasher without to much hassle. Make sure there are no dishes or other items in your dishwasher and then fill the detergent dispenser with the citric acid powder. If you can’t find any at your local store, orange Tang will also work. Run a full cycle to remove buildup and rust in your dishwasher.

•  If the buildup is more severe, you can run the same cycle but with vinegar. Start your dishwasher and run it on the hot cycle, when there is a pool of warm water, open the dishwasher and add three cups of white vinegar. The acid will break down the buildup without damaging the plastic parts in your dishwasher.

•  For dishwashers that are emitting a bad smell, allow the dishwasher to dry fully. Using either baking soda or borax powder, layer the bottom of the dishwasher. Allow the powder to stay overnight to absorb the foul smells. The next day, simply use a regular dish sponge to wipe up the powder and clean the door and walls of the dishwasher. Run a regular full cycle without dishes using your normal detergent to remove the last of the powder. If there is still odors coming from your dishwasher, try cleaning the filter and removing any food particles or mold build up that may be present.

Keeping your dishwasher clean will also help keep your family healthy, fewer pathogens in the dishwasher means fewer chances of bacteria getting inside your families body. Welcome Home’s cleaning team is happy to manage your dishwasher cleaning maintenance during our regular visits, simply give us a call to set up an appointment.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips – Toilet Cleaning

Keeping the toilets in your home clean is may seem like a tough job, but with regular cleaning from Welcome Home’s cleaning professionals, you can reduce the amount of work needed to maintain a fresh toilet. After all, no one likes to clean the toilet, but if it isn’t done on a regular basis, not only will foul odors build, but you will also create a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. While we are happy to keep your toilets in spotless form, there are a few tips you can follow to keep your toilet clean until our next visit.

Toilet Cleaning Tips

If you have bad rings in your toilet, chances are they are from hard water and not grime. These tend to build up due to high mineral deposits in the water and can be effectively cleaned with white vinegar, or a commercial remover made for mineral deposits. Simple put the solution in the affected areas and allow sitting there for a short time, then with a regular toilet brush, commence scrubbing the area and flushing the minerals down the toilet.

Along with the toilet bowl, you have to pay attention to the top. Move any containers from the top of the tank and proceed to wipe down the area. Use a commercial bathroom cleaner that is labeled as anti bacterial to help kill those nasty bathroom germs. Pay special attention to the handle and any other areas that are commonly touched with bare hands.

While most people can pee inside the bowl, households with small children will have to pay special attention to the area at the foot of the toilet. Liquid splatter can build up and cause foul odors and encourage bacteria growth. Pine Sol or Lysol are great bathroom products that kill both odors and bacteria, using a small amount, wash the bottom of the basin and the floor around your toilet for the most effective results.

These are a few tips to help you fight bacteria build up and keep your bathroom toilet clean. We are happy to manage your bathroom cleanings during each of our visits, if you have special request, feel free to get in touch with Welcome Home’s cleaning service today!

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Office Cleaning Tips – General Maintenance

<p>Next to your home, your office is where you likely spend the bulk of your time. This is one of the main reasons you should keep in organized and clean. A clean office not only improves the ambience of your workspace, but also cuts down on airborne pathogens that can cause a lot of the most common office illnesses. Here are a few tip that can help you keep your work environment clean until the next visit from Heaven’s Best cleaning services. </p>
<p>The first place to start should always be your electronic equipment. Computers, copiers and telephones are the most heavily used items in every commercial space, as such, making sure they are properly dusted will help them last longer and reduce the transfer of germs. Use a can of pressurized air to remove the debris from your computer and telephone keyboard. If you don’t have a can of air handy, you can also use a small vacuum with a brush attachment to suck out all the bits of dirt. </p>
<p>Your office furniture should be next on your list; a simple wipe down with a non abrasive spray such as Windex anti-bacterial all purpose cleaner should do the trick. When you clean, make sure you remove all objects from your desk, chairs and other surfaces to eliminate any chance of bacteria or dust buildup. </p>
<p>If your desk is overrun by paper work, take a few minutes to organize and sort it into folders. Properly storing your files will eliminate most of the clutter from your workspace and make it that much easier to clean. </p>
<p>Most people who work in the office takes the time eat lunch away from their desk, but in some cases, you may find it more productive to pack a lunch and eat there instead of spending time outside of the office. Food spills and stains can attract flies, ants and other vermin that are not only a nuisance, but are equally unsanitary. Keep a small pack of wet wipes at your desk to clean the area after you eat and to wash your hands before resuming your work. This will keep your surfaces sparkly, electronics clean and the work area smelling fresh until our next visit. </p>
<p>These are just a few tips to help you keep your work environment clean and tidy. Share these tips with your co-workers for an even cleaner office. </p>
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips – General Maintenance

Keeping the bathrooms in your home clean is easy through regular maintenance and scheduled cleanings from Welcome Home’s professional cleaning technicians. While we are happy to keep your bathrooms in pristine condition, there are a few tips you can follow to keep things in order until our next visit.

1) Use your bathroom fan- If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to use it instead of cracking a window while you are taking a shower. Most people leave the window open to allow steam from the shower to escape, but while the steam is going out, dust, pollen and other pathogens come in. The steam causes the surfaces in your bathroom to become wet making them perfect grim magnets. Using your exhaust fan will lower the humidity in the bathroom; reduce the chances of mold and just about stop dust in its tracks.

2) Make use of after shower products- Mildew has a tendency to build up over time, once it starts showing it can cause foul odors, stain grout and become hard to remove. There are a variety of affordable after shower mold prevention products that can help prevent buildup. Leave a bottle in the restroom and use it after every tub or shower use.

3) Seal your grout- Another way to prevent disgusting mold from forming on your grout is to seal it with a moisture repelling sealant. Not only will your grout stay bright, but your bathroom will have far less germs on the surfaces. You can purchase easy to apply sealant from most home stores at a very affordable price.

4) Drop and go toilet treatments- Not everyone has time to scrub their toilet everyday so making use of a simple tank or ring tablet will help reduce the amount of odorous buildup as well as keep your toilet free of bacteria until your next visit from Heaven’s Best.

5) Organize your stuff- The easiest way to present a neat and tidy bathroom is to keep your essentials organized. Throw away empty bottles of soap and shampoo and try to keep the bars of soap in their holders. Purchase toothbrush holders that fit easily on the sink or counter to keep brushes from gathering bacteria from lying on the counter. If you have space, consider putting a laundry basket in the restroom for soiled linens and always make sure to hang wet towels in the rack to avoid odors from building up.

These are only a few simple ideas to help you keep your bathroom clean until the next time we stop by. All it takes is a few minutes each day to keep your bathroom looking fresh and tidy for both, your family and your guest.

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Living Room Cleaning Tips – Your Blinds

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Everyone likes to come home to a nice clean living room, but with our busy lifestyle, this isn’t always possible. Welcome Home has great service package available for monthly or weekly cleanings that can keep you living room and other rooms in pristine condition.

Windows are a key part of every living room, not only do they allow in light and serve as a great place for window treatments, but they also allow in ventilation to clear your house of odors and dust. When your windows and blinds are soiled, it can take away from the overall look and feel of your living room. We are happy to offer window cleaning services to your and your family, but until our next visit, there are a few simple tips you can follow to keep your blind clean.

There are many different

types of blinds

as well as different materials some are:

•  Wood Blinds

•  Cloth Blinds

•  Fabric Blind

•  Plastic Blond

•  Synthetic Blinds

•  Mental Blinds

How you clean your blind depends on the material, but there are some tactics that work on all types. Wipe down your blinds every other day with a simple feather duster. This keeps dust from building up and causing allergies or light blockage. The usually on takes ten minutes each time, but has a great overall affect on the cleanliness of your living room.

No matter what type of material your blinds are made from, you can use a simple wash cloth and water to wipe them down. Always assure that your blind are in the downward facing closed position to avoid twisting or breakage. Don’t allow the cloth to be overly wet, standing water will attract even more dirt, and can damage some materials. A simple damp cloth will allow you to remove dust and pollen and leave your blinds looking sparkly and fresh.

If you have plastic or metal blind that are removable, you can easily take them down and wash them in the bathtub. Add a mild detergent to the water mixture and rinse clean. Lay them out on the lawn to dry completely and then replace them in the slot, not only will your living room look cleaner, but it will also smell cleaner too!

We are sure you have an aunt or uncle who swears by the power of Windex, well, they are partially right. This blue solution is not only for glass, it works well on all types of blind except fabric blinds. Simply spray a small amount on your blind and wipe dry the same way you would a glass or window. Fabric blind should only be professionally cleaned and you should never attempt to wash them in your washing machine.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips – Oven Cleaning

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The kitchen is one of the two most used rooms of your home, the other is the bathroom. We have a lot of tips for keeping your bathroom clean (inset link), but for now we are going to talk about your kitchen. Welcome Home offers a variety of deep clean kitchen services that will have your surfaces and appliances sparkling like the day you brought them home, but until the next scheduled cleaning there are way to keep your kitchen stove and oven in top shape.

Cooking is an art, and to make art you often have to make a mess. Staying near your stove while cooking is the best way to avoid boil over’s and spills, but even then, accidents happen. When you bake, there isn’t much to do about spills since the oven is simply too hot to wipe down.

A lot of ovens have self cleaning functions, while some don’t. Always read the instructions provided by the manufacturer prior to starting a cleaning regimen. There are also several

types of ovens:

•  Self cleaning

•  Textured

•  Regular non self cleaning

Self cleaning ovens don’t require any special instructions. The self clean function is basically a very high heat setting that burns any thing stuck on the surfaces to powder. When you use the self clean option, make sure that you leave a window pen at all times. Also, never leave the house while the self clean function is on. Leaving the window open allows any smoke or vapors to escape and prevents carbon monoxide from building up in the house. After the cycle has completed, allow the oven to cool completely and wipe down with a damp soapy sponge.

Textured ovens have a constant clean feature, instead of high heat at once; the surface is riddled with little bumps that allow any spills to be burned with each subsequent use. To keep this type of oven clean you should wipe the inside of the oven once it cools after every single use. You should never use commercial cleaners since the plate in the oven is made from ceramic and can be damaged permanently.

Regular ovens are a little tougher to maintain but not impossible. Our specialists are happy to clean your oven at your request during our visits, but in the meanwhile, there are easy steps to keep your oven clean. To reduce the amount of cleaning needed, you can put foil on the bottom of your oven when you bake. If you choose to cover the bottom, make sure the vents are clean to avoid gas build up. When your oven is cool, wipe down any spills. If you have stuck on food or stains, use an eco friendly oven cleaner such as oven off. If you don’t want to use solvents, a good scrubber tools such as SOS pads will do the trick.

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Bedroom Cleaning Tips – Children’s Bedroom

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Children are a great joy in life; they are also a lot of work. If you have children at home, then you know the majority of the mess in the house originates from their care. Every parent instills good manners and tries to teach their children how to be neat and organized, but, if they didn’t make a mess, they wouldn’t be kids. Welcome Home cleaning specialist are happy to keep every room in your house spic and span, but in between visits there are a few things you can do to keep your children’s bedroom in order.

You can keep your

kid’s bedroom

neat and organized with a few simple tools, all you need to her started is:

•  Colorful Toy Boxes

•  Closet Rods

•  Various Hooks

•  Colorful Clothing Hampers

•  Fun Bed Clothes

Avoid using one big box for toys. Kids collect a lot of playthings and when they want to play with a certain one; they will simply dump the whole pile on the floor to find it. When there are too many toys to clean up, you children will be less inclined to do it without threats or punishment. Placing several smaller boxes for toys allows them to sort their playthings into more manageable portions. If they dump out a small box, there are fewer toys to clean up. Chances are they will be happy to put those back without too much prodding.

Putting dirty clothes in the right place is hard even for some adults. An easy way to teach your children to keep their soiled clothes off the floor is by placing a fun colored hamper in their room. It will save you time sorting through clean and dirty clothes, and will also help keep the room clean until the next time our cleaning professionals visit.

Welcome Home makes beds and changes the sheets at your request each time we come to your home. To help keep your kids bed in order, cut back on the clutter. Kids can’t manage too many pieces of linens. Also, there is no need for heaps of pillows. A simple fitted sheet and quilt are all that’s needed. That way, it takes only five minutes to fix the bed in the morning or after a nap.

Every bedroom has a closet; we have great tips for closet organization for adult bedrooms here. Children’s closets are often the hardest to keep clean since little people can’t reach those high placed rods. Install a closet rod at the mid level so that your kids can easily pick and hang up clothing. This will help the bedroom stay neat and orderly until out next visit.

Hooks are great to place in all parts of the room and in the closet. They are perfect for hanging umbrellas, coats, backpacks and much more. Make sure you place some at both adult level and child level so everyone can contribute to keeping the room clean.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips – Your Tub

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There is so much dust and grim outside, some is easy to see and some is not, when we come home, most of us hop in the shower to wash all of that dirt away. While a great deal of it washes down the drain along with the water, there is an equal amount left behind on the tiles and surface of the tub. Over time, this dirt can build up and cause mold and scum to form. Not only is it unhygienic, but it can even cause foul odors. With a few simply steps, you can keep your tub clean until the next visit from Welcome Home’s cleaning specialist.

To start,

take everything out of your bathtub

Items such as:

•  Shampoo bottles

•  Bath toys

•  Loofas

•  Razors

•  Washcloths

•  Soap holders and soap dispensers

Not only do you want to avoid getting cleaning solvents on these items, but they also could use a good wipe down too.

1) Next, look at the grout in and around your tub, if there is mold, use a simple solution of baking soda and vinegar and rub it deep into the crevices. This is an eco friendly way to loosen the mold and dirt without harming the air quality or your tile. Do not rinse.

2) Take a good all purpose cleaner such as soft scrub or your own home made solution of warm water, lemon juice and baking soda; spray the cleaner over the entire surface f your bathtub as well as the tile walls inside of the bathtub area. If the cleaner you choose is paste, simply use a good sponge and cover all of the surfaces liberally. Let the cleanser soak into the surface and break up the grime for about five to eight minutes.

3) Use a sturdy all purpose brush to scrub all of the corners where your bathtub and the wall touch. This is a perfect place for soap scum to collect and turn into mold, so it’s important to pay regular attention to these areas.

4) Using the same brush, scrub the “ring” of soap scum around the lower parts of your bathtub. This collects when you take a bath and the water doesn’t dissolve the grime. It also accumulates when you take showers in your tub and small amounts of water pool in the bottom.

5) With warm water, rinse down the entire surface where solution was applied. After a good rinse, take a cotton towel or rag and dry the entire area. This prevents mold from forming and allows the cleaned surfaces to dry adequately.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips – To Keep Your Dishes In Top Shape

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Cleaning your kitchen is a pleasure for Welcome Home’s cleaning professionals. We pride ourselves in making sure hat every dish is clean and every counter is left sparkling. The kitchen is the main artery of the home and should always remain in top condition, even between visits. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your dishes in pristine condition with very little effort.

Most urban homes host dishwashing units and very few people take the time to read the manual. As a result, dishes often come out spotty or covered in a thin film. An easy tip for sparkly glasses is to put ones that are dishwasher safe, in between the spokes of the rack, not on the spokes. Wine glasses should be washed by hand and then dried with a lint free towel. If you thought rinsing agents were a gimmick, think again, they help the water to slide off of glass as opposed to sitting on the material and forming spots. Use the prescribed amount with every wash.

If you have hard water in your area that could be another reason you have spots on your dishes. For hard to remove spots, simple add a cup of warm vinegar to a sink of water and then hand dry afterwards.

Silverware and flatware is both dishwasher safe, however, you should never wash them together. Metal flat ware will cause craters to form in the silver that can’t be repaired. If you must, wash them in separate loads or wash your silver by hand.

Some foods have a staining effect on ceramics as well as plastic. If you have food stains that wont come out of your dishes, make a paste from baking soda and buff the stain to remove all traces. The paste works on;

•  Coffee Stains

•  Metal Marks from Flatware

•  Colored oils on Plastic

•  Food Odors in reusable containers

You can also add a bit of baking soda and vinegar to a sink of water to make all of your dishes extra sparkly and odor free. How you store your dishes also has a great affect on how clean they are. Most people assume storing glasses or mugs face down keeps out dirt, while it may keep out dust, it traps moisture inside which can lead to bacteria build-up and bad odors. Instead, place them face up or on hanging hooks for the best results.

We would be happy to go over these suggestions with you during our regular visit to your home. Following these tips not only keep your dishes clean, but also reduces the amount of germs on the surfaces. You can find these and more home care tips on the advice section of our website.

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Office Cleaning Tips – For the Chronically Disogranized

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Welcome home understand the importance of a having your professional environment clean and organized. When a space is spic and span, employees tend to be more productive. We also know that its important to keep the office clean in between visits from professional cleaning services so we put together this simple guide to help you keep your office desk neat and tidy.

Attack the paper- the majority of mess in an office setting is regular paper. if you can properly organize the paper in your office, you will have a easy time keeping it neat until your next professional cleaning. You will need a few tools:

  1. An Inbox
  2. An To-Do Box
  3. A Downtime Box
  4. A Active Project Box
  5. A Filing Cabinet
  6. A Shredder

You don’t need fancy labels or boxes, in fact, a simple tiered tray will suffice for the first four boxes. Chances are, you also already have a filing cabinet in your office, so you will just need hanging folders and space to place papers.

To start; sort through all the papers that you find on or around your workstation, your inbox should have any new files or papers that don’t have a proper classification, or that you haven’t gone over yet. Next, papers that need simple work done like, proofreading, signatures, or are simply forms to fill out should be but in the Down-Time box. When you have a spare moment, or need a break from serious work, grab things from here. Next, papers that you need to work on that are not time sensitive should be placed in the to-do section and your active time restrictive work should go in the active project box. Papers you no longer need should be directed towards the shredder, and reference files should be placed in your filing cabinet.

Office Surface Cleaning

Always keep a microfiber cloth in your desk drawer for quick and easy cleanup. After you clear your desk, simply sprits the surfaces with a little bit of glass cleaner and wipe it down. Make sure you also touch on the top of your computers keyboard, your phone set and the armrest of your chair. These are the most common places people touch and germs have a tendency to accumulate there. You can also get a non electric push vacuum to store in your office closet. They are perfect for those times when you have minor dry spills on the carpet or a lot of small bits of debris on the floor. They are soundless and easy to use, they are intended for minimal used, so our cleaning professionals would be happy to empty the container during our next visit.

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