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There is a big difference between hiring professional Oakley Bay cleaning services and hiring a solitary person to clean your home. There is also a difference between choosing to hire independent Oakley Bay cleaning services, and chain cleaning services in Oakley , CA . On one hand, hiring a team will be more expensive than hiring a solitary maid, just as hiring a fully licensed company will be more costly that a self run operation. One thing to keep in mind that when you hire a professional, you are sure you are getting the best quality cleaning services Oakley has to offer.

Using Oakley Bay cleaning services by an individual will give you a lot of personalized options that you won’t find with teams chain services. However, with a single person as opposed to group cleaning services, Oakley based taxes and social security must be paid on top of the rate for the cleaning. You also run the risk of paying for any injuries received while cleaning your home such as falls from a ladder or slips on a wet floor.

Hiring Oakley Bay cleaning services through a team or professional service give you the peace of mind knowing that if a person is sick, your house will still be cleaned according to schedule. You also don’t have to worry about the extra expense of taxes and workers compensation since that will all be handled by the company. Unlike individual cleaning services, Oakley team based cleaning services don’t have much room for complex personalization. While many companies offer extra services, there is usually an extra charge and some task may be prohibited completely.

Welcome Home cleaning services in Oakley , CA

offers you the best of both worlds.

Our professional teams will service your home as if it was their own while paying close attention to the little details. We aim to make Oakley sparkle, one cleaning at a time. There are several service plans available for your residential and commercial needs. Each plan is affordable and customizable. Unlike some cleaning services in Oakley , CA , we don’t charge for the common sense extras such as;

  • Cleaning window sills
  • Dusting ceiling fans
  • Cleaning door handles and switches
  • Cleaning under area rugs
  • Dusting shelves and entertainment centers
  • Fluffing pillows and making beds

What are you waiting for? Welcome Home cleaning services in Oakley , CA , is the obvious choice for your residential or commercial cleaning job. Simply shoot us a email or give us a call for a quick quote on your Oakley Bay cleaning services job.

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