How To Choose An Excellent House Cleaning Service and Ensure Top Notch Service.

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So you’re thinking about hiring a house cleaning service. You want to find a price that is fair and that meets your budget with a top notch service.

Most of you are thinking how can I trust someone in my house and what about giving them a key or security code to my home? The demands for professional house cleaning services are growing more and more. More and more people are not wanting to spend their precious time doing less than desirable tasks. It’s not always just the time you are saving but your energy and more time doing more important things like spending time with your loved ones.

Hiring house cleaning services is an important decision. Trust is a must, after all this is your personal space.

Here are 2 top important things you need to consider because if you are not asking the right questions or doing your homework you can be taking a BIG RISK.

Two Top Issues

Finding a professional house cleaning service. There are many companies or private parties you can hire to clean your home that may do a good job. But there is one major issue to consider. If you hire a individual person rather than a bonded, licensed professional cleaning company to clean your home you are considered their employer. If they don’t pay their proper taxes on the money you pay them you can be liable for those unpaid taxes. The IRS considers you as an employer . If they get hurt or injured you could be liable. If there is any damage done you will be replacing the broken or damage that is done.

Hiring a professional house cleaning service is a way to avoid these risks. The insured, bonded company carries the burden of the payroll taxes, Worker’s Compensation and liability insurance. All these risks are no longer the responsibility of the customer. Isn’t that extra peace of mind worth the extra $15 to $20 extra a professional service may charge.

2nd Top Issue

Look for a professional but not just in the image alone . Glossy business cards and a fancy website shouldn’t be all the homework you do. Certain questions need to be asked as you are making your decision on what house cleaning service you hire.

Does the company use employees or independent contractors? Whatever the case you need to make sure you are getting the protection you need that should be there with a professional cleaning service. There is a useful IRS guide on their website that will define what an employee and independent contractor is.

What kind of teams do they have? Solo cleaners or teams? Ask why they use that model? Different companies will use different business models for different reasons.

Are criminal background checks and drug testing checks done on employees? No matter what size company they should always have a policy for background checks and prescreening their employees. Know the policy they have.

Are they properly insured? They should have general liability insurance and workers compensation. You may ask for a copy of the insurance certificates.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee? What is there policy? No matter how great the cleaning service is or how great the training program is, the cleaning is done by imperfect human beings and you should have reassurance if the cleaners are having an off day.

What is the policy for the keys? Who will have my key? How is it labeled? How is it locked up? Are the keys signed out and checked in?

Are they bonded? Being bonded is not an insurance. The bond will pay if an employee is proven to steal, is tried and convicted.

How is the communication? Does the company give you clear details when they do a walk through your home? Do you know what to expect from them? Are they paying attention to your specific areas of concern? If something is really important to you and it is not mentioned or not done in future cleanings, let them know. Bring it up and ask about it.

Successful owners will greatly appreciate your feedback and welcome constructive criticism. Professionals see that as a gift.

Now that you know some very important questions to ask you can have a better quality service and more peace of mind. You can enjoy the added quality to your life.

Just think of those days you forgot the cleaning is being done in your home and you get home and it looks so clean and smells so fresh. Welcome Home! Awwwww!

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