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The kitchen is one of the two most used rooms of your home, the other is the bathroom. We have a lot of tips for keeping your bathroom clean (inset link), but for now we are going to talk about your kitchen. Welcome Home offers a variety of deep clean kitchen services that will have your surfaces and appliances sparkling like the day you brought them home, but until the next scheduled cleaning there are way to keep your kitchen stove and oven in top shape.

Cooking is an art, and to make art you often have to make a mess. Staying near your stove while cooking is the best way to avoid boil over’s and spills, but even then, accidents happen. When you bake, there isn’t much to do about spills since the oven is simply too hot to wipe down.

A lot of ovens have self cleaning functions, while some don’t. Always read the instructions provided by the manufacturer prior to starting a cleaning regimen. There are also several

types of ovens:

•  Self cleaning

•  Textured

•  Regular non self cleaning

Self cleaning ovens don’t require any special instructions. The self clean function is basically a very high heat setting that burns any thing stuck on the surfaces to powder. When you use the self clean option, make sure that you leave a window pen at all times. Also, never leave the house while the self clean function is on. Leaving the window open allows any smoke or vapors to escape and prevents carbon monoxide from building up in the house. After the cycle has completed, allow the oven to cool completely and wipe down with a damp soapy sponge.

Textured ovens have a constant clean feature, instead of high heat at once; the surface is riddled with little bumps that allow any spills to be burned with each subsequent use. To keep this type of oven clean you should wipe the inside of the oven once it cools after every single use. You should never use commercial cleaners since the plate in the oven is made from ceramic and can be damaged permanently.

Regular ovens are a little tougher to maintain but not impossible. Our specialists are happy to clean your oven at your request during our visits, but in the meanwhile, there are easy steps to keep your oven clean. To reduce the amount of cleaning needed, you can put foil on the bottom of your oven when you bake. If you choose to cover the bottom, make sure the vents are clean to avoid gas build up. When your oven is cool, wipe down any spills. If you have stuck on food or stains, use an eco friendly oven cleaner such as oven off. If you don’t want to use solvents, a good scrubber tools such as SOS pads will do the trick.

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