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Cleaning your kitchen is a pleasure for Welcome Home’s cleaning professionals. We pride ourselves in making sure hat every dish is clean and every counter is left sparkling. The kitchen is the main artery of the home and should always remain in top condition, even between visits. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your dishes in pristine condition with very little effort.

Most urban homes host dishwashing units and very few people take the time to read the manual. As a result, dishes often come out spotty or covered in a thin film. An easy tip for sparkly glasses is to put ones that are dishwasher safe, in between the spokes of the rack, not on the spokes. Wine glasses should be washed by hand and then dried with a lint free towel. If you thought rinsing agents were a gimmick, think again, they help the water to slide off of glass as opposed to sitting on the material and forming spots. Use the prescribed amount with every wash.

If you have hard water in your area that could be another reason you have spots on your dishes. For hard to remove spots, simple add a cup of warm vinegar to a sink of water and then hand dry afterwards.

Silverware and flatware is both dishwasher safe, however, you should never wash them together. Metal flat ware will cause craters to form in the silver that can’t be repaired. If you must, wash them in separate loads or wash your silver by hand.

Some foods have a staining effect on ceramics as well as plastic. If you have food stains that wont come out of your dishes, make a paste from baking soda and buff the stain to remove all traces. The paste works on;

•  Coffee Stains

•  Metal Marks from Flatware

•  Colored oils on Plastic

•  Food Odors in reusable containers

You can also add a bit of baking soda and vinegar to a sink of water to make all of your dishes extra sparkly and odor free. How you store your dishes also has a great affect on how clean they are. Most people assume storing glasses or mugs face down keeps out dirt, while it may keep out dust, it traps moisture inside which can lead to bacteria build-up and bad odors. Instead, place them face up or on hanging hooks for the best results.

We would be happy to go over these suggestions with you during our regular visit to your home. Following these tips not only keep your dishes clean, but also reduces the amount of germs on the surfaces. You can find these and more home care tips on the advice section of our website.

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