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A lot of home owners invest a great deal of time making their living rooms comfortable and entertaining. One of the main focuses in the living room also happens to be the most messy, that’s right, the entertainment center. Most people use their entertainment centers to store not only their televisions, but also their stereos, gaming devices, and DVD players. Ambitious people even have space for storing movie titles and game titles. Regardless of how simple or elaborate your entertainments center is, chances are you could use a few ideas on how to keep it clean until the next time our cleaning professionals come by.

The more items that are on your entertainment center the more places there are to collect dust. Remove anything from your entertainments center that isn’t media related. If you have a space specifically for pictures, then that’s ok, otherwise, nick knacks, magazines, and other random items should be placed elsewhere.

If you have electronics that no longer work, there is no reason to take up space on your living room entertainment center. The same applies to old CD’s, Video’s, DVD’s, and games. Arrange the remaining electronics in order by size; the largest pieces should go on the bottom while the smaller ones should go on top. This creates an eye pleasing look while also reducing the amount of spaces dust can accumulate.

If there isn’t a built in stand for your movie or music titles, consider purchasing matching stands, or a vinyl book that you can store the CD in. you will find that a lot of the mess on your living room entertainment center disappears by simply following this suggestion. If you do have stands; organize your titles either by genre or alphabetically. This allows you to find things easily when you need and reduces overall clutter.

Some centers have places for memorabilia; make sure to use those places wisely. If there is a space for one item, don’t cram in three or four. This takes away from the overall aesthetic of your living room and creates more mess than if you would have placed only one item.

ry to clean your entertainment center at least twice per week with a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth and some type electrics cleaning solution. This will keep the space dust free and your electronic items running smoothly. Welcome Home cleaning professionals would be happy to help you organize your entertainment center to make it a more manageable during our next scheduled visit.

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