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Cleaning your house isn’t a chore that you have to handle alone any more. Regardless of if you hire Welcome Home’s Discovery Bay maid service for only you’re most difficult jobs, or if you seek the best maid service Discovery Bay has for all of your cleaning tasks, there is a lot of help out there to get your home as sparkling as you every dreamed, all at an affordable cost.

Welcome Home maid service in Discovery Bay , CA , offers a lot of cleaning plans for every size home and every size of budget.

We offer services for

•  Deep Cleaning

•  Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

•  Event Cleaning

•  Spring Dusting and Trash Removal

•  Regularly Scheduled Cleanings

•  One Time Cleanings

•  And Much More!

We have specialized services that focus on the most used areas of your home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. While most Discovery Bay maid service providers may say that they offer deep cleaning, we are trained in eliminating germs that can harm your family.

You may think that cleaning your bathroom every other day or even once a week is enough. After all, it never looks dirty when you just take on daily tasks such as throwing some toilet cleaner around the bowl or just simply rinsing off the bath or shower area. Germs are not always visible to the naked eye, even if you use a toilet cleaner that is activated every time you flush germs still accumulate. Welcome Home offers the best bathroom maid service Discovery Bay has ever seen.

Welcome Home’s maid service in Discovery Bay , understands that mould, which is a form of germ, can appear in the grout of your bathroom tiles and this, if not cleaned can actually be a hazard to your health. We use strong but environmentally friendly products that blast away the grim, whiten your grout, and leave your sensitive area germ free.

Finding a Discovery Bay maid service that is dedicated to the health of your family has never been easier that placing a phone call to any one of our local numbers. You can also reach us via email for a simple quote on your home service. Welcome Home offers maid service in Discovery Bay , CA , as well as other locations across the state. Check our service listings to find the number for your local Welcome Home cleaning service team.

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