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Welcome Home’s maid service in Oakley , CA knows having hardwood floors in your home is a luxury that adds to the overall beauty as well as the value of your home. However, if you have children or animals, then hardwood floors maybe more of a pain than a luxury because of how difficult they are to keep clean.

People all have different ideas of how hardwood floors should be cared for, contrary to popular belief, using small amounts of water to clean them won’t ruin the finish. Many Oakley Bay maid service providers charge extra for hardwood floors due to the expensive polish and solvents they use to clean them. Welcome Home’s Oakley Bay maid service knows that there are more than just costly cleaners that will be effective on hardwood flooring.

For those days in between visits from your friendly Oakley Bay maid service, there are simple things you can use to

clean your floors

that won’t break the bank or damage your pristine floors.

• A wood floor dust mop is great for daily cleaning

• Swiffer is a perfect option for spills and light cleaning

• Vinegar and warm water is a cost effective and eco friendly option

• A bristles vacuum is a perfect way to clean in a hurry

Taking these tips from the most reliable maid service Oakley has is a great way to keep you house looking as if you have a team of professionals cleaning your home every day. Another great tip to keep make your hardwood floors last longer is to cover them with area rugs in the winter. This keeps condensation from seeping past the glaze as well as protects the floor from dirty wet shoes. Welcome Home’s maid service in Oakley, CA, want to assure you homes looks it best for years to come.

Welcomes Home’s maid service in Oakley , CA , cares about your home, your health, your happiness as well as the environment. Our cleaning professionals only use eco-friendly products that are safe for the environment and safe for use around children and animals. Aside from using green cleaning products, we also work to reduce our carbon foot print by using washable towels instead of disposable paper towels. We also use high efficiency washing machines and dryers to keep our cleaning equipment sanitized. To reduce the amount of fossil fuels our professionals use, Welcome Home offers local maid service in Oakley , CA as well as local service to other parts of California .

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