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Welcome home understand the importance of a having your professional environment clean and organized. When a space is spic and span, employees tend to be more productive. We also know that its important to keep the office clean in between visits from professional cleaning services so we put together this simple guide to help you keep your office desk neat and tidy.

Attack the paper- the majority of mess in an office setting is regular paper. if you can properly organize the paper in your office, you will have a easy time keeping it neat until your next professional cleaning. You will need a few tools:

  1. An Inbox
  2. An To-Do Box
  3. A Downtime Box
  4. A Active Project Box
  5. A Filing Cabinet
  6. A Shredder

You don’t need fancy labels or boxes, in fact, a simple tiered tray will suffice for the first four boxes. Chances are, you also already have a filing cabinet in your office, so you will just need hanging folders and space to place papers.

To start; sort through all the papers that you find on or around your workstation, your inbox should have any new files or papers that don’t have a proper classification, or that you haven’t gone over yet. Next, papers that need simple work done like, proofreading, signatures, or are simply forms to fill out should be but in the Down-Time box. When you have a spare moment, or need a break from serious work, grab things from here. Next, papers that you need to work on that are not time sensitive should be placed in the to-do section and your active time restrictive work should go in the active project box. Papers you no longer need should be directed towards the shredder, and reference files should be placed in your filing cabinet.

Office Surface Cleaning

Always keep a microfiber cloth in your desk drawer for quick and easy cleanup. After you clear your desk, simply sprits the surfaces with a little bit of glass cleaner and wipe it down. Make sure you also touch on the top of your computers keyboard, your phone set and the armrest of your chair. These are the most common places people touch and germs have a tendency to accumulate there. You can also get a non electric push vacuum to store in your office closet. They are perfect for those times when you have minor dry spills on the carpet or a lot of small bits of debris on the floor. They are soundless and easy to use, they are intended for minimal used, so our cleaning professionals would be happy to empty the container during our next visit.

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