Bathroom Cleaning Tips – Prevent mold mildew and soap scum from ever coming back

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So you’ve done all the really hard and nasty work of removing all that growing mildew and soap scum or maybe you hired a professional house cleaning service to do it for you. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to eliminate those nasty ugly things growing in you showers forever between your cleanings. It is possible to keep those pesky enemies away between you cleaning and simple methods that are easy to do. Easy ways to prevent mildew and soap scum from ever coming back

Ways To Prevent Mildew Mildew is an ugly pink, brown or black mold that grows in any dark, warm, moist environments. Here are some simple ways to prevent mildew. Leave your bathroom lights on before, during and after you take a shower or bath. Keep you bathroom as dry as possible…….

  • Use the fan to get the air to circulate. This keeps the bathroom more dry.
  • Wipe down the tile or walls of shower with a a squeegee, chamois or microfiber cloth. This eliminates the excess moisture the mildew thrives on.
  • Spread the shower curtain out over the curtain rod to dry it up. (Replace the shower curtain that is already stained with mildew, find one that is mildew resistant. They really do work!)
  • Spread towels out to dry and pick up any clothing from the floor.

Stop the Soap Scum The fastest and easiest way to prevent soap scum is to stop using soap!

  • Shower gel or liquid body wash won’t cause the soap scum to build up.
  • If you love soap I hear Zest and Dove advertise that they don’t leave soap scum.

There are so many varieties of shower cleaning sprays available if you are cleaning your showers yourselves. Our recommendation is to use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. It’s better for you and the environment. Our favorite is Method since is non-toxic, biodegradable that works as well as the chemical-based cleaners. If you have excessive mildew and soap scum a you can try a product that has phosphoric acid base to it. Where gloves. Being consistent is the key. There are so many ways to prevent mildew or soap scum from sneaking back into your showers. Let us know what has worked for you.

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