Spring cleaning Tips – 9 Secrets To A Successful Garage Sale

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Spring is here. It’s time to organize, do some spring house cleaning and get rid of that extra stuff that has been cluttering our homes. Here’s some great spring cleaning tips. Don’t just trash it. Make some extra money fast by having a garage sale. Maximize your money with unwanted stuff. Did you know that garage sales bring in about 3 BILLION dollars a year? Your unwanted stuff is worth something to somebody. “Remember “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” Here are 9 secrets to a successful garage sale.

1. Get organized. Categorize everything. For example Books in one area, kitchen stuff in another, hang up string to hang clothes. Set up your garage sale like a store.
2. Put something on the curbside that will grab people’s attention. 3. Have extension cords so people can turn on things that need to be plugged in. 4. Set price to sell. Usually 1/10 of the retail price unless brand new in box. If you have collectible items check out the going price on EBay and price a little lower. 5. When placing an ad list all the big ticket items and other popular items you are selling. 6. ATTENTION GRABBING SIGNAGE. Black text with yellow background are the two colors that are the most attention grabbing. 7. Have plenty of $1.00 bills and change. 8. Put one person in charge. 9. Have Fun. People will feel more obligated to spend money if they see you are having fun. So there you have it some house cleaning tips. Garage sales are a great way to get our homes cleaned and organized. Remember if you are wanting a special deep house cleaning , give us a call and mention that you read our blog to get our spring cleaning discount. Contact us here!

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